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Advanced Animal Law

  • Typically offered every other year

The field of animal law has grown rapidly in recent years and has become increasingly more interdisciplinary in scope and content. Whether it be anti-cruelty statutes, civil litigation, constitutional questions relating to standing, comparative international law, farm animal issues or property law, the ability to understand and apply animal law concepts is becoming more and more important. Throughout the semester, therefore, we will explore the latest cases, legislation, and legal theories developing in animal law and address how they intersect with other areas of legal academic study and practice. As a class, we will choose, and keep a tight focus on, just a few animal law issues to allow a greater depth of learning and understanding in those select areas. As the field continues to develop, the “hot” legal issues may, and probably will, shift. The seminar will be structured in such a way that students will have the opportunity to discuss and learn about these newer developments.

Students will work in teams to lead classroom discussion and, individually, are required to complete a research paper and make an oral presentation on an emerging topic in animal law to be mutually agreed upon with the instructor. This paper will satisfy the WIE requirement or, with approval from instructor, the Capstone requirement, and can apply to the Animal Law or Environmental Law Certificates. Successful completion of the Fall Animal Law Fundamentals class is required.

The Animal Law Fundamentals requirement is waived for LLM students.