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Professor Bill Chin

February 20, 2013

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I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in San Francisco, moved to Portland, joined the Air Force, and finally came back to Portland.

I chose to attend Lewis & Clark Law School because prior to law school, I and others met Professor Steve Johansen, Director of the Legal Analysis and Writing Program, who warmly and reassuringly explained to us that we could do law school. Professor Johansen’s personal approach is emblematic of the “people first” attitude at our law school that helps create a sense of community. Although entering any new place involves adjustments, the process of coming here and adjusting to Lewis and Clark is eased by this sense of community. I enjoy a community that includes, for example, runners whom I try to run with on a somewhat consistent basis and friends and colleagues at the college campus including Latricia Brand (Director of Multicultural Affairs) and Mark Duntley (Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life). A person coming here would be part of our ever-developing community.


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