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March 24, 2010

Authorized Exam Materials

Class Title: This is the Class Title
Instructor: Instructor Name Goes Here
Test Date: Test Date

List of Academic Materials Allowed During Exam:

A list of Academic Materials goes here.

Are computers allowed? Yes

** Subject to the Computer Use regulations and procedures outlined in Exam Policy and Procedures

If OK to use computer, may the computer be used:

* to refer to materials prepared prior to exam (whether prepared by the student or otherwise)? Yes
* To refer to materials prepared prior to exam (prepared by the student ONLY)?: No
* To cut, paste, import or insert material from sources created prior to the exam? No
* To access a networked drive or the Internet? (If yes, see professor’s additional instructions) No

Once the exam has been completed, may the answers be retained on their computer hard drive or any other media storage?

Yes, but only through the next business day

May the completed exam be emailed as a back up copy to

Yes, it is optional

Special Exam Instructions:

Here is where special exam instructions go

Please return to Registrar’s Office. Thank you.


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Law Exams