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Latino Law Society

September 24, 2013

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 Executive Board Members:

  • President: Samantha Valdovinos
  • Vice President: Shannon Garcia
  • Secretary: Georgina Olazcon Mozo
  • Treasurer: Natalia Ospina
  • Oregon Hispanic Bar Association Rep: Silvia Tanner
  • Director of Co-sponsorships and programming: Briana Swift
  • Immigration Policy Liason: Leland Baxter-Neal 

About Us/Mission: The Latino Law Society is an organization comprised of Latino students and students who support the organization’s goals. The organization promotes: the recruitment and retention of Latino students; unity among the Latino students; and awareness and understanding in the law school and the community of perspectives, culture, heritage and issues concerning Latinos. Additionally, LLS provides a support system for its members. **We are an equal opportunity organization, you do not need to be Latino to join just have an interest in Latino issues, culture and heritage.**

Photo: Taken at the 2013 Oregon Hispanic Bar Association Awards Dinner

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Photo on the left: Taken at the 2013 Oregon Hispanic Bar Association Awards Banquet