January 14, 2022

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Announcing 3 Postgraduate Environmental Law Fellowships for Lewis & Clark Students!

Announcement: Three Postgraduate Environmental Law Fellowships

The Diehl Environmental Law Fellowship Program was created by the environmental law faculty to provide a pathway for 3L/4L law students who demonstrate a commitment to public interest environmental law to enter the field. The Diehl Fellowship Program was made possible by the generous bequest of environmental activist John Diehl.

This year, the Diehl Fellowship committee solicited applications from public interest environmental law organizations across the country. After a competitive selection process, the committee has awarded Diehl Fellowships to three organizations that represent distinct focus areas within the field of public interest environmental law. The selected organizations include:

  • The Center for Food Safety
  • The Center for Biological Diversity
  • Breach Collective

These three organizations will each host a Diehl fellow for a one year postgraduate fellowship beginning in Summer/Fall 2022. Although the successful candidates will be employed directly by their host organizations, a significant portion of the fellows’ salaries will be paid through the Diehl Fellowship Program. Fellows will be asked to provide regular updates on their fellowship experience to Associate Dean Janice Weis throughout their fellowship.

Each organization will conduct its own hiring process, and we anticipate that all organizations will post their fellowship on Career Connect. In the coming weeks, look for postings that indicate “Diehl Environmental Law Fellowship” in the job title. We encourage all interested students to apply for these positions and take advantage of this opportunity.


Janice Weis, Associate Dean and Director, Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law Program

Craig Johnston, Professor of Law, Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law Program

Lisa Benjamin, Assistant Professor of Law, Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law Program

Lexie Zirschky, Director of Public Interest Law, Career Services