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April 07, 2014

Snapshot of a 2014 JD: Fallon Niedrist

Get to know recent or current Lewis & Clark Law Students through JD Candidate Halah Ilias’s blog posts on her classmates.

“I always recognized Fallon around campus, but I never had the opportunity to interact with her until this semester.  I am incredibly happy she was willing to participate in my Almost JD blog posts.  Thank you, Fallon!

    - Halah

I asked Fallon the following questions.  Here are her answers:

What’s your educational background?

I have an associate degree in graphic design from Northwest College (Powell, Wyoming) and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Montana State University (Bozeman, Montana). 


What about your family background?

I grew up in Bozeman, Montana. I have one older brother who is an avid snowboarder and software engineer. My dad has worked in the automotive industry for thirty-some years, and my mom owns her own small bookkeeping business.


Why did you decide to go to law school?

During my junior year at university, I took a criminal law class, which was taught by an attorney. One of our final assignments for the class was a moot court. After my presentation, the professor approached me and asked me if I had ever considered going to law school; I had not. The professor planted the seed, and my interest in criminal law and justice systems helped that seed grow into an application (and soon-to-be degree). 


What is your favorite part about Lewis & Clark?

My favorite parts of my experience at L&C are the friendships I have made and the tools and knowledge I have gained to go out and make the world a better place.


What is your least favorite part about Lewis & Clark?

Right now, my least favorite part about L&C is my impatience to be done with school. I feel ready and charged to go out and practice law and gain practical experience! 


What are your future job and career goals?

I came to law school intending to become a criminal defense attorney. While I am still fascinated by criminal law (especially the constitutional aspects), I am now leaning towards civil practice. In my current law clerk job, I mostly work on labor and employment issues, so I have a real passion for those areas. But, I’m young, enthusiastic, and curious–I would be happy working in any civil practice learning the ropes of being a lawyer.


What do you think prospective students should know before choosing to attend law school?

I started law school scared out of my mind that I would not be able to keep up with the reading, understand the materials, and all the other typical pre-law school fears. However, I am happy to report that law school is very doable. Sure, prospective law students should prepare for some rough and emotional days, but by and large, law school is fun, challenging, and you make some great, lifelong chums. 


What is an interesting part about your background?  Or in other words, how do you contribute to the diversity of Lewis & Clark?

I started my higher education path as an art student. I am a painter, screen printer, and otherwise general arts nerd. Additionally, I helped fund my artsy college degree with a scholarship for playing bass in jazz band. I still have a passion for the arts, but now I focus more on the therapeutic benefits of painting and playing music. Come find me at metal karaoke!


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