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Professor Ginsburg Delivered a Lecture on War and Constitutional Design

October 07, 2014

Lewis & Clark Law School hosted Professor Tom Ginsburg of the University of Chicago as the 2014-2015 Global Law Distinguished Visitor.  Professor Ginsburg delivered an engaging lecture on War and Constitutional Design to a packed audience of students, faculty, and members of the community. Professor Ginsburg’s lecture analyzed how powers of war and peace should be distributed in constitutions, which has been one of the central questions in constitutional design since the founding of the United States. The timely event took place on Constitution Day when the House of Representatives also happened to be debating a military measure against the Islamic State.  


“The lecture was wonderful and served as a testament to the vitality of Lewis & Clark Law School’s Global Law program,” said Professor Ozan Varol, who served as the faculty host for Professor Ginsburg’s visit.

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