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Black Law Student Association

Did you know? Celebrating Black History Month with interesting facts

February 04, 2016

In honor of Black History Month, members of the Black Law Student Association gathered interesting facts about the people, events, and places that influenced history. This week’s fact was gathered by 2L student Michelle Stowers.

Did You Know that the NFL was integrated by a lawyer?

Bobby Marshall and Fritz Pollard were the first African Americans to play for the National Football League (NFL). From 1920-1925, Bobby played for the Kelley Duluths, and the Rock Island Independents. Bobby was also an accomplished baseball player.

In addition to being a football player, Bobby Marshall was also a lawyer. He graduated from law school in 1907. However, he practiced law at a time when White clients rarely hired a Black lawyer and more than a few Black attorneys meant an oversaturated market. Despite the difficulties, Bobby did work for two law firms during his diverse career. Bobby’s talents and tenacity allowed him to support his family, practice law, and make great contributions to the world of sports! He also reminds us law students that we are all multi-talented and there is a place for each one of us.


Robert Wells “Bobby” Marshall: A Minnesota Icon, African American Registry

Bobby Marshall’s NFL player page