March 14, 2017

Amanda Gomm, 3L, named a Law Student of the Year

Amanda Gomm, 3L, named a Law Student of the Year

Each year, the National Jurist magazine, selects 25 students from across the nation as a “Law Student of the Year”. This year, third-year student Amanda Gomm was among them.

Many students, like Amanda, are tackling other major responsibilities outside of law school, which makes their ability to handle school that much more impressive. Others have overcome serious obstacles prior to attending law school, and others have made impressive achievements – all are quite deserving of the honor.

Gomm was selected for her success in and out of school. In addition to running a digital publishing business, teaching as an adjunct professor, working in Lewis & Clark’s Small Business Legal Clinic, and attending law school, Gomm is also a single-mother, raising three school-aged children.

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