November 21, 2017

Dayna Jones Receives Bar Exam Grant from OWLS

Dayna Jones, a working mother of two receives a grant from Oregon Women Lawyers to help her study for the bar exam.

Lewis & Clark law student Dayna Jones received the Vernellia R. Randall Bar Exam Grant, awarded by the Oregon Women Lawyers (OWLS) Foundation for the February 2018 bar exam. Dayna has focused her studies on environmental justice and Native American Law, while parenting her two children,10 and 2 years old, during her law school career.

Dayna says the following about receiving this award:

“Receiving the Vernellia Randall Bar Exam Grant takes a weight off my shoulders that I cannot describe. As a working mother with two children, I constantly balance the stress of financing law school and paying for the roof over our heads; this task is more difficult than most can ever know. Preparing for the bar exam is a difficult process shared by all applicants, but preparing for the bar exam while taking care of children and working is a horse of a different color. Receiving the Vernellia Randall Bar Exam Grant will allow me to focus on the important learning to be done without worrying about our financial stability during this process.”

In support of the OWLS Foundation’s mission, to educate and support women and minorities in accessing and participating in the justice system, the bar exam grant is named in honor of Vernellia R. Randall, a founding board member and officer of OWLS, who has made a lasting contribution to the Foundation and is playing a significant role in the efforts to give women and minorities greater access to the justice system. This grant is available to parents with children under the age of 18. The Foundation considers the ages and number of children of the applicant with special consideration to students with children under the age of six and single custodial parents.