Bernie Vail: 45 Years of Service

Professor of Law
  • Bernie Vail

Professor of Law

Path to Lewis & Clark

I was happily teaching at the University of Georgia when I got a phone call from a friend (Jerry Hughey) who was teaching at L&C, telling me that the law school was expanding and asking me if I wanted to come out and interview. I was reluctant to take the trip since I was quite happy at UGA, but he twisted my arm a little and I gave in. Best thing I have ever done!

Favorite Courses to Teach

First-year Property Law and Wills and Trusts.

Most Memorable Moment

Going to the international round with the Jessup Moot Court team.

If You Hadn’t Become a Professor

I would probably be a practicing attorney.

Biggest Change in Legal Education During Your Tenure

There has been a gradual shift to a very liberal attitude in legal education.

Favorite Place on Campus

My office.

What You’ll Miss

The students.

What Makes You Proudest

Helping students get through the bar exam.

What’s Next

Plenty of time for my woodworking and hunting.

Fun Fact

I am a dyed-in-the-wool conservative who is a confirmed gun nut and loves to hunt. I also started roller-skating competitively in my mid-40s and am happy to tell anyone how I got started if they’re curious!