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Lewis & Clark Law School Welcomes the Class of 2021

August 29, 2018

Lewis & Clark Law School ushered in the class of 2021 with 167 new students this fall, including 150 full-time students and 17 part-time students. In addition to being strong class academically, the incoming class represents 106 different undergraduate colleges and universities and 50 different majors, including music, electrical engineering, philosophy, economics, biochemistry, agricultural science and classics. 66 percent are from outside Oregon, representing 35 states and provinces, including Washington D.C.

Six percent of the class are known to be first generation college graduates and/or law students, 60 percent of the class are female, and 22 percent are students of color. The average age is 26.

“We had a significant increase in applicants this year,” said Mimi Huang, Assistant Dean of Admissions. “It was a hard decision for us with so many outstanding students seeking admission but we are very pleased with the outstanding class of students who joined us this fall.”

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