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Donor Profile: Emily S.B. Fullerton ’18

Donor Profile

Emily S.B. Fullerton ’18

Recipient of the Professor Doug Newell Scholarship for 2017-18 and the Andrea Swanner Redding Scholarship for 2017-18

Emily Fullerton came to the law school after career chapters in graphic design and the food and beverage industry. “The law was always something in the back of my mind, a ‘someday’ idea,” she remembers. “And then I took a tour of Lewis & Clark and the law became THE idea.”

After achieving success in graphic design with jobs at Nike and Adidas, she followed her family’s roots in food and beverage and secured positions at St-Germain and Pernod Ricard. But neither of these directions felt right. “Even though I was having success in the field, I knew it wasn’t the career for me. I always had one foot out the door, looking for the next chapter.” She met her husband while she was a barista and he was a chef. “He was the person responsible for making me stop talking about law school and to actually go to law school!”

Emily Fullerton with her mother, Sue Ann Baker.Emily Fullerton with her mother, Sue Ann Baker.

Fullerton’s inspiration to make a gift comes from a deep belief to give credit where credit is due and to do what you can, for whom you can, when you can. “Lewis & Clark helped me secure many fantastic opportunities while in school. I was able to work for a federal judge, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the Multnomah County District Attorney, which all led to my position with Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, a fantastic and well-respected Portland law firm.” She began as an associate this September.

“I always felt supported by the faculty and staff at Lewis & Clark, and even as a student I wanted to give back. I had the opportunity to mentor incoming students, and help coach the mock trial team, both of which were extremely rewarding.”

“The bottom line is this: there is always a way to give back. You can give your time, your attention, your advice. You may not always be in a position to give money, particularly right after graduation, but you should give what you can when you can.”

Emily Fullerton with her mother, Sue Ann Baker.Emily Fullerton with her mother, Sue Ann Baker. Credit: Nina Johnson

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