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Professor Lydia Loren Publishes Fifth Edition of Copyright Casebook

December 05, 2019

Professor Lydia Loren has just released the fifth edition of her casebook- Copyright in a Global Information Economy.  This edition provides both comprehensive topic coverage and integrated treatment of doctrinal, theoretical, international, and policy questions. 

The book is co-written by four leading copyright scholars, Lydia Loren at Lewis & Clark, Julie Cohen at Georgetown, Maureen O’Rourke at Boston University, and Ruth Okediji at Harvard, who have spent twenty years perfecting the casebook. The team combines deep knowledge and experience in copyright litigation, software and technology policy, and international copyright negotiations. Their expertise is seamlessly reflected in the highly rigorous and technology-savvy treatment of doctrine and theory, at the same time highlighting practical implications for lawyering.

“It is really humbling and rewarding to know we have had a hand in shaping how literally thousands of new lawyers think about copyright law” stated Professor Loren. “I look at how many copies have been sold, because to me that indicates how many lawyers we’ve had a hand in shaping how they think and analyze copyright law. That is a kind of satisfaction scholars endeavor to achieve.”

The new edition includes coverage of the Music Modernization Act of 2018 and its implications for the specialized system of copyright rules applicable to the music industry. The casebook also addresses the European Union’s Digital Single Market Directive and its implications for online service provider obligations to copyright holders. 

For the first time, the casebook will be available in a looseleaf version, which is a fraction of the cost of the hardcover, something that was very important to Professor Loren and her co-authors. “We almost didn’t do this edition because we didn’t want to create a casebook with a list price of $280” stated Professor Loren. “However, the publisher came back with a proposed looseleaf version and we are really pleased to be able to offer that for students because we know the impact the cost of books has on students.”

Copyright in a Global Information Economy is available on  November 1, 2019, and is published by Wolters Kluwer.

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