January 13, 2020

Professor Ozan Varol Releases New Book ‘Think Like a Rocket Scientist’

Professor Ozan Varol’s new book, Think Like a Rocket Scientist, reveals the playbook that rocket scientists use to turn the seemingly impossible into the possible.

Professor Ozan Varol’s new book, Think Like a Rocket Scientist, reveals the playbook that rocket scientists use to turn the seemingly impossible into the possible. In the book, Varol, a former rocket scientist himself, explains how you can use nine simple strategies from rocket science to make your own giant leaps in work and life—whether it’s landing your dream job, accelerating your business, learning a new skill, or creating the next breakthrough product.

“I’ve spent my entire life getting ready to write this book,” stated Varol. A native of Istanbul whose family spoke no English, Varol immigrated to the United States by himself at age 17. He studied astrophysics at Cornell University and served on the operations team for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers project, where he built stuff that went to the red planet and wrote code that snaps photos of the Martian surface.

Varol then reinvented his career and became a law professor to help students shape and challenge an evolving world. He later launched an online platform with weekly emails, enabling him to reach even more people. 

“With this book, I aim to create an army of non–rocket scientists who approach everyday problems as a rocket scientist would,” stated Varol. “You’ll take ownership of your life. You’ll question assumptions, stereotypes, and established patterns of thinking. Where others see roadblocks, you’ll see opportunities to bend reality to your will. You’ll approach problems rationally and generate innovative solutions that redefine the status quo.”

Think Like a Rocket Scientist was named a “must-read” by Susan Cain (NYT Bestselling Author of Quiet), “endlessly fascinating” by Daniel Pink (NYT Bestselling Author of Drive and A Whole New Mind), and “bursting with practical insights” by Adam Grant (NYT Bestselling Author of Originals). The book was also selected by Adam Grant as one of his top 20 books of 2020. 

The book can be pre-ordered at rocketsciencebook.com.