August 27, 2020

Fall 2020 Plans

Law School Fall 2020 Plans - Update as of August 26, 2020

Dear new and returning law students,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to campus this fall. We have made extensive plans to help keep our community safe while also providing the benefits of learning together in a classroom. We believe, if everyone is committed to safety – for themselves and for each other – we can keep our campus open for you.

At the same time, we are dedicated to providing a solid exemplary legal education, regardless of whether you are experiencing it in-person or via remote access. Since last March, when by necessity all instruction was remote, our faculty have invested time in re-imagining their syllabi and in honing their skills to teach in person and use remote technology to fully engage all students throughout the semester. They have been remarkable in their ability to thrive in this environment. Many of our classrooms this semester will be hybrid, where most of you will be in the classroom and some of you, due to COVID, will be participating via Zoom.

One of the hallmarks of Lewis & Clark Law School is our collegiality. We truly care about one another. Students support students, and both faculty and staff embody our mission of ‘students first.’ In this new COVID reality, this commitment to one another takes on a new dimension. Taking care of each other requires that each of us practice safe, physical distancing whether on or off campus, along with the use of face coverings and hand-washing. Taking care of each other requires each of us to avoid risky behaviors and come to campus knowing you have done all you can to keep yourself and our community safe.

We are in uncertain terrain; we know there will be changes ahead. As lawyers we are trained to analyze the facts, to understand the limitations, to see the opportunities, and to forge solutions. We are problem-solvers. We will meet these challenges and adjust to them to ensure that you graduate with a superb legal education. One thing we know for certain is that you all will be needed – more than ever – to help individuals and communities navigate these tumultuous times in our world. See you soon!

Very best wishes,

Jennifer Johnson

Dean, Lewis & Clark Law School

Countdown to Re-opening: Final Instructions

Countdown to Re-Opening: Boley Law Library 

Countdown to Re-Opening: Life on Campus

Countdown to Re-Opening

Details on Campus Safety Measures

Check out the webpage: Health and Safety Expectations for all Community Members for expectations and general safety information across all three campuses at Lewis & Clark.

Additional Information for the Law School

Dining Options

The Café will be using an app for online ordering of food with online payment. Areas to pick up the food safely have been established. If Brewed Awakenings (our coffee stand) reopens, it will open when the cafeteria is closed to limit the numbers of people in the Legal Research Center (LRC) at any given time. Additional microwaves will be placed in LRC so that students can have safe access for heating food brought from home.

Classroom safety measures

Students, professors and staff are required to wear face coverings. The only exception is when they are alone in a private office.

The professor will teach behind plexiglass barriers, and will be at least 6 feet from students. The first row of student seating will not be used. Student seating is marked to ensure that students sit 6 feet or more from each other.

Protocols for entering and exiting classrooms

We have built a schedule that creates extended time between classes and will have clearly marked entrances and exits. We will provide clear instructions and signage on entering and exiting to ensure social distancing.

Options for taking class remotely

The faculty strongly encourages our students to attend class in person. However, we recognize that some students may have an underlying health condition, live with someone with an underlying health condition, or have other COVID health concerns. Please email Associate Dean Libby Davis to request permission to attend classes remotely. Most classes will have remote capabilities via Zoom.

Options to change from remote status to attend in person

This option is always available with this caveat: If the classroom is at ‘in person’ capacity given COVID restrictions, students who are attending via Zoom will not be able to attend in-person.

Expectations of students attending remotely

Professors will expect students attending via Zoom to be actively engaged in the class sessions. They will call on Zoom students and respond to questions being posed by Zoom students as if they were in the classroom.

Technology support for students

We have an outstanding Computing Services Department that will provide detailed information to all students about computer requirements and accessing classes remotely. Last spring, when we transitioned to all remote classes, very few students had internet issues but any students who have problems with internet access or who face issues that could impact their ability to attend class via Zoom should contact Associate Dean Davis immediately.

Thanksgiving break and final exams

All in-person classes will conclude on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Professors will notify students, once classes start, whether post-Thanksgiving classes will be done remotely or made up prior to Thanksgiving. All final exams will be available remotely.