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Waves Caribbean - SBLC Client Profile

September 24, 2020

  • One of five flavors of sauce from Waves Caribbean

Waves Caribbean, owned by Patrick Prince, is an up-and-coming Caribbean sauce company dedicated to bringing unique, ready-made sauces into everyone’s homes. Starting from his family’s recipes, Patrick spent years preparing the sauces for commercial use while simultaneously maintaining their integrity. A true family-supported business, he jokes that he sometimes wondered if either he or his mom would make it out of the kitchen alive. Each sauce contains a unique combination of flavors that highlight Patrick’s blended cultural past with tastes from Trinidad and Jamaica. Patrick will be releasing five sauces: Classic Jerk Sauce, Scotch Bonnet Chili Sauce, Island Curry Sauce, Tomato Caribbean Ketchup, and BBQ Jerk Sauce. Each sauce is all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and dairy free!

Patrick’s journey with the SBLC stretched over five years. He first came to the Small Business Legal Clinic to understand if a previous contract would limit future plans of a business. From there, his relationship with the SBLC expanded as he formed Waves Caribbean, explored trademarking and brand awareness, and reviewed contracts. Starting a company is a challenging process in itself, but Patrick said, “the SBLC made me feel comfortable when I didn’t feel comfortable.” Patrick knew what he needed to do and the SBLC was able to give him the resources to guide him in the right direction.

Patrick's pre-entrepreneurial days with his parents.Patrick's pre-entrepreneurial days with his parents.

As Patrick is beginning to launch his new brand, he has received publicity from both the Oregonian and KOIN. For Patrick, establishing a community between his friends, family, and the SBLC has been a valuable asset in the creation of his brand. Waves Caribbean aspires to demonstrate equality through the blending of cultures. To Patrick, this blend of flavors represents how all people, regardless of their cultural heritage, should be treated equally and with respect. Patrick says he wishes to use the knowledge and resources he acquired from the SBLC to help guide others in pursuing their futures while understanding the unique challenges people of color face in starting a company. These are issues that directly affect everyone and Patrick wishes to help guide others in pursuing their passions. Even before launching, Waves Caribbean sets a strong example for a company that values diversity and as a result of this value, has created a delicious product.