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  • NW Ferments - Client Profile

    NW Ferments is a new up-and-coming Portland-area business. Sue and Wendy have fermented foods for many years as a hobby. When the fermenting company that they worked for decided to move to another state, they decided to open their own company that would bring fermenting to every type of person. They came to the Small Business Legal Clinic in early 2016 to start their own businesses and negotiate the end of their work with the previous business.


    More >

  • SBLC Celebrates Another Wonderful Year!

    The Small Business Legal Clinic put the spotlight on attorney volunteers, funders and our wonderful clients at the SBLC Open House on Feb. 15, 2017 at Schwabe Williamson and Wyatt.More >

  • SBLC Begins Pilot Patent Program

    The SBLC will begin working with a patent attorney in January 2017 to help a few low-income small business owners begin the patent process. The clients have until January 5th to submit their applications for consideration. Work will begin on the patent process in mid January. Please use this form to begin the process.

    One Lewis and Clark legal intern will be selected to work with the patent attorney and the clients. The student must apply to Professor Susan Felstiner by November 18, 2016.More >

  • SBLC April Spotlight : Taxes

    With the April 18th tax deadline approaching, April is the busiest month of the year for the Internal Revenue Service and accountants. Prior to this deadline, taxpayers are encouraged to file their yearly income tax return. There are approximately 40 million taxpayers who have yet to file their tax returns by the deadline. Luckily, the IRS has options for taxpayers who need an extension to file their return. The extension gives the taxpayer an automatic six-month extension to file their return by October 16th.

    Business owners must be aware that different business entities bring different tax liabilities and required various tax forms to be filed.  Small business owners may be able to deduct a number of expenses that are categorized as ordinary and necessary in order to minimize their tax burden and maximize company’s profits. Certain businesses have different requirements, such as self-employed persons are responsible for making quarterly estimated tax payments throughout the year while startup founders are excused from making estimated tax payments in the first year of operation. Business owners filing as sole proprietors are required to make estimated tax payments.

    The Low Income Taxpayer Clinic represents low income taxpayers who have controversies with the Internal Revenue Service. Law school students are given the opportunity to handle all phases of a tax case while in a supervised and supportive atmosphere. The clinic handles all phases of a tax case from audit, through the IRS appeals process, trial in U.S. Tax Court, appeal to the Ninth Circuit where appropriate, and through the IRS collection process. Students get hands-on legal training where they get to interview potential clients, communicate with IRS personnel, draft documents and pleadings, negotiate settlements and where settlement fails, try the case in U.S. Tax Court.More >

  • Small Business Legal Clinic helps local businesses thrive

    Portland company Bee Local is one of SBLC’s 250 clientsMore >




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