SBLC Newsletter - Fall 2020

SBLC Newsletter - Spring 2022

Patent Clinic Celebrates Five Years

SBLC’s patent clinic continues to provide vital legal services to Oregon’s small businesses and trains the next generation of lawyers.

Juliana Minn ’16 Directs Small Business Legal Clinic

The Small Business Legal Clinic has a new director: Alumna Juliana Minn.

Sinister Coffee & Creamery, LLC - Client Profile

Sinister Coffee & Creamery, LLC is an online business with a spooky theme selling coffee beans and ice cream. Kelly and Michelle Kaliher began their business in 2018, making “paranormal-themed coffees [that] are small batch roasted to ensure your experience delivers spooky good flavors with every brew.” While Sinister Coffee & Creamery is mostly conducted online, you can find them at the PSU Saturday Farmers’ Market. They were able to secure a booth at the farmers’ market after only a year of operations, which is a remarkable feat since many businesses are only accepted at the market after 5 years of operation.

The SBLC has moved to a new space!

Now located along the MAX Corridor and directly across the Fifth Avenue Food Cart Pod, this move marks an exciting new chapter for our SBLC and LITC communities. The move was truly a team effort. From finding the place to designing its interior, each committee weighed in to create the space we have today. When you come visit, you may notice that our office now has a kitchen where everyone could gather and connect with one another. And for our law students, we now have an open-floor workspace, synergistic to our interactive environment. We look forward to sharing this space with everyone for many years to come.

Please stop by and visit. Our address is 333 SW 5th Ave., Suite 400, Portland OR 97204

Professional Auto Body & Paint Inc. - Client Profile

Founded in 1997 by Hoa and Linda Lam, the family-owned Professional Auto Body & Paint Inc. has been in operation for over 20 years. When Hoa and Linda retired in 2018, they passed down their business to their son, Anthony Lam, and his partner, Nancy Le. Starting a new chapter for an inherited business is no small feat, especially when faced with the challenges and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

SBLC Open House and Auction 2022!

We moved! And you’re invited to celebrate with us and join our auction!

It is our pleasure to invite you to our new space,
 333 SW 5th Ave., Suite 400, on Wednesday, May 4th from 3 pm-6 pm. After 15 years, we have moved to a new location and are excited to welcome you! In light of the pandemic, we will be holding tours throughout the 3 hours rather than a large gathering. Please RSVP to by May 2, 2022. We will have light refreshments.

Native, Latino/x entrepreneurs in rural Oregon receive clinic support

Business Oregon awarded Lewis & Clark Law School’s Small Business Law Clinic (SBLC) a $104,000 grant allowing the SBLC to provide Native and Latino/x clients in rural Oregon with  legal transactional support.

Business as (un)Usual

SBLC Rural Entrepreneurs Program provides service and solutions.

Genius Digital LLC - Client Profile

Genius Digital LLC, is Juan Acevedo’s new photography business. However, he is not new to the industry. He has been taking pictures professionally in Oregon for almost ten years. The pandemic required him to think of new ways to work as a photographer. 

Multi-Tasking Services LLC - Client Profile

Multi-Tasking Services LLC, owned and operated by Darwin Bello, offers cleaning and janitorial services to commercial establishments in the Portland metro area. It is a relatively new business that has been running since September 01, 2019. “We are here to serve” is Darwin’s business slogan and mission. Darwin’s vision for this business is to create consciousness about cleaning spaces and sanitation and bring those services to our communities, especially now during the pandemic.

Small Business Legal Clinic Expands Its Patent Program with Education and Patent Filings

The Small Business Legal Clinic (SBLC) has been working to educate entrepreneurs on patents to protect their unique products as well as filing patent applications for clients.

SBLC Receives Funding For COVID Relief

The pandemic and its terrible impact on small businesses skyrocketed requests to the SBLC. In the spring, the SBLC was able to marshal existing resources, including the Ford Family Foundation and Prosper Portland, to support a unique track that served 25 COVID-19 affected businesses. We also presented numerous times on COVID-related legal issues. Once those funds were used, Washington County Business Recovery Center and Centro de Prosperidad, through a grant by Business Oregon, stepped up and provided additional support. This CARES Act funding will continue until the end of this year.

Small businesses across Oregon have struggled to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic. Business owners are looking for advice navigating new rules and regulations, along with a host of other legal questions arising out of now-unpayable leases, undeliverable contracts, and in some instances, business closures.

The demand for these services pre-existed funding, and the SBLC is thankful to be in a better position to help clients in Washington County and throughout Oregon. When the this COVID-specific funding runs out at the end of 2020, the SBLC will continue to look for new and creative ways to serve businesses suffering from COVID-related issues across Oregon.

Gazelle Consulting LLC - SBLC Client Profile

Located in an unusual intersection of health care, technology, business and privacy issues, Christina Glabas’ journey led her to found Gazelle Consulting in 2015. As one of the early HIPAA compliance service providers in Oregon, Christina has seen significant growth in companies’ willingness to tackle privacy and security issues. Currently, Gazelle Consulting works with a diverse range of businesses including health care practitioners, educational institutions, technology companies, and nonprofits. Christina loves to talk about subjects that intimidate many business owners. She has noticed that while people frequently communicate their dislike of HIPAA and GDPR policies, there has been a shift of understanding and awareness of the importance to protect consumers and the riskiness of exposing health care information.

Waves Caribbean - SBLC Client Profile

Waves Caribbean, owned by Patrick Prince, is an up-and-coming Caribbean sauce company dedicated to bringing unique, ready-made sauces into everyone’s homes. Starting from his family’s recipes, Patrick spent years preparing the sauces for commercial use while simultaneously maintaining their integrity. A true family-supported business, he jokes that he sometimes wondered if either he or his mom would make it out of the kitchen alive. Each sauce contains a unique combination of flavors that highlight Patrick’s blended cultural past with tastes from Trinidad and Jamaica