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Law Centers and Institutes

Center for Animal Law Studies

The Center for Animal Law Studies is both a think tank and training ground for students interested in the broad spectrum that is Animal Law. For sixteen years, Lewis & Clark has led American law schools in developing this emerging field of scholarship and advocacy. The Center builds on that strength and provides the resources and framework within which scholars and practitioners can continue to grow this legal specialty. Visit the site.

Green Energy Institute

The Green Energy Institute works to develop new strategies to promote renewable energy. Committed to the goal of mitigating climate change through complete decarbonization of the United States electricity sector, the Green Energy Institute works at regional, state, and local levels to develop innovative policy incentives for renewable energy. Visit the site.

National Crime Victim Law Institute

The National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) actively promotes balance and fairness in the justice system through crime victim-centered legal advocacy, education, and resource sharing. Visit the site.

Natural Resources Law Institute

The Natural Resources Law Institute (NRLI) provides a focus for legal scholarship at Lewis & Clark’s Law School. The NRLI supports work by an annual research fellow, distinguished faculty visitor, and visiting scholars from around the globe, as well as faculty research. Visit the site