We strive to maintain and enhance a rich intellectual environment that contributes to legal knowledge through teaching, scholarship, and public service; that fosters innovation and new ideas; and that educates, supports and challenges our students in developing the knowledge, analytical and practical skills, and professional values that they need to excel in a diverse and dynamic world. We support all members of our community as they engage the legal world through advocacy, counseling, scholarship, and public service.

We hold the following core values:

  • We put students at the heart of what we do.
  • We respect the individual talents and passions that our students bring to the law school.
  • We champion excellence and innovation in the classroom and in scholarship.
  • We view legal education as a collaboration among faculty, students, and staff.
  • We seek to attract faculty, students, and staff who are committed to the continued excellence of the law school and desire to be engaged in the life of the institution.
  • We create and sustain a learning environment enhanced by interaction between faculty, students, and staff of diverse backgrounds, identities, and cultural traditions. We believe that such a learning environment is necessary to provide our students with the skills and values they will need to practice law.
  • We provide a rich educational environment that exposes students to new ideas and ways of thinking. We foster intellectual curiosity and fair, open debate.
  • We enlist students to share responsibility with us in governing our institution.
  • We recognize that it is through our graduates that we most directly influence the legal profession and society.
  • We contribute to legal knowledge and discourse by producing scholarship. We value scholarship for its own sake, and for the ways in which it enriches teaching, and advances understanding of the role of law in the pursuit of human welfare and justice.
  • We sustain our national and international leadership in environmental and natural resources law and strive to build equivalent leadership in other areas of the law.
  • We serve and honor the legal profession as a faculty, with pro bono legal service, continuing legal education, scholarship, and meaningful participation in the legal profession and our local and regional communities.
  • We draw strength from Portland’s boundless spirit of experimentation and Oregon’s unique beauty.
  • We value our tradition of entrepreneurship throughout the law school community and embrace new endeavors related to our mission.
  • We value our origin as an evening school and embrace our commitment to providing high-quality legal education to those who cannot devote full time to legal studies.