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Gazelle Consulting LLC - SBLC Client Profile

November 04, 2020

Located in an unusual intersection of health care, technology, business and privacy issues, Christina Glabas’ journey led her to found Gazelle Consulting in 2015. As one of the early HIPAA compliance service providers in Oregon, Christina has seen significant growth in companies’ willingness to tackle privacy and security issues. Currently, Gazelle Consulting works with a diverse range of businesses including health care practitioners, educational institutions, technology companies, and nonprofits. Christina loves to talk about subjects that intimidate many business owners. She has noticed that while people frequently communicate their dislike of HIPAA and GDPR policies, there has been a shift of understanding and awareness of the importance to protect consumers and the riskiness of exposing health care information.

When Christina first began her business, she Googled “How to Start a Business” and found an SBA checklist. From there, she met mentors at SCORE and Microenterprise Services of Oregon (MESO). MESO referred Christina to the SBLC in 2016. “It has been helpful to have someone double check my work and give me confidence about the work. They are an important member of my team when I want to manage risks.” The SBLC has continued to work with Christina over the last four years.

At times, Christina is surprised at where her business journey has taken her. “I have often thought, ‘I am not a rules person. What am I doing in compliance’ but I don’t see my business as much about rules as it is about finding a way protect people’s civil liberties.” Going forward, Christina imagines many possible paths for both her and her business. She sees the business moving in the direction of advocacy for privacy rights and would like to be a voice to protect people’s privacy.