September 24, 2021

Entering Class Continues Trend of Excellence

The LSAT median jumps 4 points; 77% report they are the first lawyer in their family.

Lewis & Clark Law School welcomes an academically strong 1L class to campus this fall as the law school returns to in-person instruction.

The incoming class continues the upward trend in entering class’ admissions statistics. The Class of 2024 raised the LSAT median to 162, a jump of 4 points from the previous year’s statistics. The LSAT medians for both the upper and lower quarter of the class rose as well to 164 and 159, respectively. GPA scores also rose with a median of 3.54.

Applications to the school increased this summer, continuing a rising trend. Admissions essays reflected the tumultuous times that are inspiring new students to pursue a legal career.

Almost 77% of the total class are the first lawyer in their family. Over half, 63%, hail from out of state, with 20.3% of the class self-identifying as a student of color, and 60.4% of the class identifying as female.

Of the 197 incoming students, 21 are part-time students and 176 are full-time students. This ratio often changes in the second and third year, students take advantage of the flexibility of the part-time program after the first year.

The students have over 45 unique majors including: Political Science, Geology, Astronomy, Theater, Archeology, Marine Studies, and Psychology.