March 22, 2022

Fulbright Award Recipient Teaches Environmental Law In Italy

During a busy year-long sabbatical, Professor Dan Rohlf will teach Environmental Law at the University of Trento this Spring and is also working on a book and articles on managing and protecting the environment.

Noted environmental law professor Dan Rohlf received a Fulbright Award to serve as the Distinguished Chair in Law at the University of Trento in northern Italy, teaching a class there entitled “Environmental Law, Sustainability, and Resilience” this Spring.

The Fulbright teaching award is part of a busy year-long sabbatical for Rohlf that has taken him to Europe in the fall, Baja California in Jan/Feb, and Trento, Italy starting next week. During his travels, he has been working on a book about the intersection of law and science as it relates to managing and protecting the environment. He also is co-authoring (with a scientist and an EU legal academic) a science journal article on how to implement 30x30 biodiversity protection commitments in the U.S. and EU, and (with 3L Colin Reynolds) a law review article on a key part of the Endangered Species Act.

In addition to his writing, Professor Rohlf taught two online modules for Lewis & Clark Law School environmental and energy law LLM students, one in the fall on the most recent developments under the Convention on Biological Diversity, and another in January on tourism and the environment.

Professor Rohlf’s class at the University of Trento continues Lewis and Clark’s connections with the school. Professor Melissa Powers has taught an environmental law class and an energy law class there for several years, and Professors Janice Weis and Craig Johnston have taught poortions of the environmental law class in the past. Professor Powers will join Professor Rohlf in Trento later this spring to teach her energy class.