June 15, 2022

2022 Environmental Law Awards & Scholarship Winners Announced

Several students recognized for their outstanding work in the field of Environmental Law

Lewis & Clark Law is pleased to announce the 2022 Environmental Law Awards & Scholarship Winners.

The Bernard F. O’Rourke Award is presented to a graduating student or students to recognize outstanding written scholarship in the environmental/natural resources law field during law school. This year, the award was presented to Benjamin Criswell, ’22. The factors used by the faculty to make the selection may vary from year to year, but generally include 1) quality of research and writing; 2) originality of research; 3) number of papers produced; and 4) whether the paper was or will be published.

The Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law Leadership award is presented annually to a graduating student or students who have made significant contributions to Lewis & Clark Law’s environmental, natural resources and energy law program. The awardees this year are Akriti Bhargava ’22, Austin Starnes ’22, and Kassie Kometani ’22.

The Steven Manas Scholarship was established in 1986 in memory of Steven Manas who died during his third year of law school. It is intended for students who have demonstrated a commitment to environmental protection and the prudent management of natural resources, as well as a selfless concern for the welfare and success of fellow students. The awardees this year are Cecilia Bremner ’23 and Greg Allen ’23.

Earlier in the year, Lewis & Clark also announced the winners of the Diehl Awards and the Wyss Scholars, which also focus on environmental law achievements. The Diehl Awards support a fellowship program for Lewis & Clark Law School graduates who are planning to work in public interest environmental law. The Wyss Scholars program is funded by the Wyss Foundation and seeks to identify and support a new generation of leaders focused on land conservation issues.