August 19, 2022

New Developments in Sports Law Pose Challenges

The Fall Forum September 30 at the Lewis & Clark Law campus brings sports team reps, entertainment, gaming and legal experts to campus.

Sports Law’s New Dimensions,” the topic of this year’s Business Law Fall Forum on September 30, examines the exciting—and sometimes confusing—impact of legal changes across multiple practice areas. Presented in cooperation with the Portland Trail Blazers and facilitated through the Lewis & Clark Law School’s Center for Business Law and Innovation (CBLI), the forum provides expert insight to students and members of the legal community. The event takes place at the Legal Research Center of Lewis & Clark Law School.

Academics and attorneys, will join representatives from the Boston Celtics, Portland Timbers, Portland Trail Blazers, and PAC-12 to discuss the radical changes in sports law today. Legal decisions such as NCAA v. Alston (141 S. Ct. 2141) (2021), where the Supreme Court upheld lower court rulings that the NCAA could no longer limit compensation of student athletes, as well as other cases that allowed the expansion of online betting and legalized sports books have all impacted the field. Taken together, these issues challenge the traditional understanding of employment, the amateur/professional divide, and the very notion of fair competition.

Four panel topics are scheduled during the all-day event: How sports teams operate; College sports reimagined: The NCAA’s imposed evolution; Collective bargaining, Lockouts, and strikes; and Sports betting. Panel participants include legal and organizational representatives from major franchises in baseball, basketball, football, soccer, as well as the PAC-12.

“This Fall Forum marks one of those rare occasions when experts in different fields of a legal specialty gather in one place and explore disparate but interlocking issues,” said Ritch Adams, Assistant Director of the CBLI. “Lewis & Clark law students and other attendees will learn a great deal about the evolution of practice areas and the expanding cultural reach of sports law.”

Markowitz Herbold PC and Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP are generously supporting the 26th annual Forum, with free admission for anyone not seeking CLE credits. Registration is $100.00 for those seeking the 3.5 CLE credits offered. For registration and additional details, please visit the event listing.