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Visiting Professor

Janet (Jancy) Hoeffel

Hoeffel joins us for fall 2022 from Tulane Law School, where she teaches criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence. She has previously worked as a public defender, where she practiced trial and appellate advocacy, and as a litigator with a firm in Denver, Colorado. She is a two-time recipient of the Felix Frankfurter Award for Distinguished Teaching, and a recipient of the Tulane President’s Award for Excellence in Professional and Graduate Teaching.

Janet (Jancy) Hoeffel
Visiting Professor of Law

Scholarship focus: the constitutional regulations of discretionary actors in the criminal justice system.

Credit: Steve Hambuchen

Professor Parikh Ignites a Dialogue on Mass Tort Bankruptcies

Professor Samir Parikh takes a leading role in formulating solutions for mass tort victims, writing about headline cases with Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, and more. He is frequently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Law, and other national publications.

In addition, he partnered with colleagues at UC Berkeley, Northwestern University, and University of Miami to organize a February 2022 symposium at Fordham Law School, Mass Torts Evolve: The Intersection of Aggregate Litigation and Bankruptcy. The one-day program brought together preeminent jurists, academics, and practitioners in the field to explore normative solutions to improve victim recoveries.

Professor Dan Rohlf Professor Dan Rohlf

Fulbright Recipient Teaches Environmental Law In Italy

During a busy yearlong sabbatical, environmental law professor Dan Rohlf received a Fulbright Award to serve as the distinguished chair in law at the University of Trento in northern Italy. Rohlf taught the course Environmental Law, Sustainability, and Resilience there this spring.

Rohlf also worked on a book about the intersection of law and science as it relates to managing and protecting the environment; coauthored a science journal article on how to implement 30x30 biodiversity protection commitments in the United States and European Union; and, with then 3L Colin Reynolds ’22, wrote a law review article on a key part of the Endangered Species Act. In addition, Rohlf taught two online modules for Lewis & Clark Law School.

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