May 22, 2023

Professor Robert Klonoff Elected to American Law Institute Council

Celebrated legal scholar Professor Robert Klonoff secures important role as he is elected to the American Law Institute Council.

Professor Robert Klonoff, Jordan D. Schnitzer Professor of Law at Lewis & Clark Law School, has been elected to the American Law Institute (ALI) Council, marking a milestone in his illustrious legal career. “I am deeply honored to join the Council, and it is especially rewarding to do so as part of the ALI’s 100th-anniversary celebration,” Professor Klonoff noted.

The ALI, founded in 1923, is a leading independent organization that produces scholarly work to improve the law and its administration. Comprised of distinguished legal scholars, judges, and practitioners, the ALI is renowned for its influential Restatements of the Law and other publications that provide guidance and clarification on various legal principles.

The ALI Council, the institute’s governing body, plays a crucial role in shaping the direction of legal scholarship and practice. As a member of the Council, Professor Klonoff will contribute his extensive expertise and insights to the ALI’s mission of refining and clarifying American law. The Council guides the institute’s projects through rigorous research, analysis, and deliberation, including developing Restatements, Principles of the Law, and Model Codes, which serve as authoritative resources for courts, lawyers, and scholars.

Professor Klonoff’s election to the ALI Council is a testament to his contributions to the field of law and his commitment to advancing legal scholarship. His expertise in areas such as civil procedure, complex litigation, and legal ethics will be useful and relevant to the ALI’s work.

Professor Klonoff is a co-author of the Wright & Miller treatise, Federal Practice and Procedure. He has been a member of the ALI for two decades and served as Associate Reporter for the ALI’s project, Principles of the Law of Aggregate Litigation. He served for the maximum six-year term as the academic member of the Federal Civil Rules Advisory Committee. He has vast experience as an attorney, both in the government and in private practice (including numerous Supreme Court arguments), and frequently serves as an expert witness on complex litigation issues. Professor Klonoff served as Dean of the Law School from 2007-2014.