October 24, 2023

Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Doubles Funding Received

The LITC has received a substantial boost in funding, doubling its budget to $400,000 with a $200,000 matching grant, allowing the clinic to expand its services

In a significant boost to its operations, the Low Income Tax Clinic (LITC) at Lewis & Clark Law School has doubled its funding, securing a $200,000 grant from the IRS that will enable the organization to expand its services and better serve the community. The grant, received as a 100% matching grant, effectively doubles the clinic’s budget from $200,000 to $400,000.

The news of this increased funding comes as a breath of fresh air for the LITC, which has long been committed to providing legal assistance to low-income taxpayers facing complex tax controversies. With the additional resources, the clinic has already begun making impactful changes to its operations.

Among the key developments, the clinic has replaced outdated student computers, ensuring its students can access the latest technology to support their work. Furthermore, they have welcomed a new clinical fellow, Karla E. Márquez ’23, who is poised to make a significant impact on the clinic’s work.

In addition to Karla, LITC leadership is buoyed by former tax court Judge Henry Breithaupt. This generous contribution was one of the deciding factors in the grant awarded to the LITC, underscoring the importance of community collaboration in supporting access to justice.

While the clinic is enthusiastic about the opportunities this funding offers, the sustainability of the additional financial support beyond the current year is still uncertain. The clinic hopes that the IRS funding continues through Calendar Year 2024, and they are eagerly awaiting news on whether Congress will authorize this extension. A decision is expected in October.

In the meantime, the LITC remains committed to its mission of providing vital legal assistance to low-income taxpayers, and with its expanded budget and the addition of Karla E. Márquez as a clinic fellow and Judge Breithaupt’s expertise, it is better equipped than ever to fulfill this mission.

Find more information on the clinic’s work and updates on its funding status here.