Bailey Immigration

Our team of Portland immigration attorneys, paralegals & legal assistants, have passion about immigrant rights, human rights, keeping families together, and successfully obtaining immigration benefits for our clients.




United States

Practice Areas

  • Civil Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration

Practice Type

  • Law Firm
  • Public Interest

Past Externs

Mitchell Thielemann Portland OR 2020 Spring
Alex Green Portland OR 2018 Fall
Lizeth Marin Portland OR 2017 Summer
Alex Green Portland OR 2017 Summer
Tess Copeland Portland OR 2016 Summer
Britanie Crippen Portland OR 2016 Summer
George MacDonald Portland OR 2015 Fall
Benjamin Hinch Portland OR 2015 Summer
John Pecker Portland OR 2015 Summer
Michael Cowgill Portland OR 2015 Spring
Michael Cowgill Portland OR 2014 Fall