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Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities of Oregon achieves lasting solutions to poverty and injustice by partnering with clients to meet their economic and educational goals and to support their physical and social well-being.





United States

Practice Areas

  • Civil Rights
  • General
  • Human Rights

Practice Type

  • Public Interest

Past Externs

Alexandra Giza Portland OR 2020 Spring
Akila Herath Portland OR 2019 Fall
Madeline Wilson Portland OR 2019 Fall
Jennifer Cundiff Portland OR 2019 Spring
Ligia Grozav Portland OR 2019 Spring
Madeline Wilson Portland OR 2019 Spring
Lindi Westwood Portland OR 2018 Summer
Philip Coleman Portland OR 2018 Summer
Amy Adams Portland OR 2016 Fall
Anna Vujovic Portland OR 2016 Summer
Favio Perez Portland OR 2016 Summer
Isabella Fernandez Portland OR 2015 Fall
Isabella Fernandez Portland OR 2015 Summer
Sarah Hobernicht Portland OR 2015 Summer
Suleima Garcia Portland OR 2014 Fall
Marisa Peterson Portland OR 2014 Fall
George MacDonald Portland OR 2014 Summer
Alexandra Zirschky Portland OR 2013 Summer
Mark Perez Portland OR 2013 Spring
Emily Mikhaiel Portland OR 2012 Summer