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Earthrise Law Center

Founded in 1996, Earthrise Law Center is the environmental legal clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School. Earthrise Law Center is a team of impassioned attorneys and staff working to achieve targeted environmental improvement while teaching the next generation of advocates to do the same.





United States

Practice Areas

  • Environmental

Practice Type

  • Public Interest

Past Externs

Audrey Leonard Portland OR 2019 Summer
Josh Masser Portland OR 2019 Summer
William Enoch Portland OR 2017 Fall
Julia Fraser Portland OR 2016 Summer
Benjamin Muzi Portland OR 2016 Summer
Madeline Bell Portland OR 2015 Summer
Brian Buske Portland OR 2015 Summer
Doug DeRoy Portland OR 2015 Summer
Kathryn McIntosh Portland OR 2015 Summer
Serena Liss Portland OR 2014 Summer
Andrew Bogle Portland OR 2014 Summer
Emma Bruden Portland OR 2014 Summer
Victoria Cole Portland OR 2014 Summer
Sagar Patel Portland OR 2014 Summer
Joel Reschly Portland OR 2014 Summer
Juan Bacigalupi Portland OR 2013 Fall
Molly Bisulca Portland OR 2013 Summer
Sara Blankenship Portland OR 2013 Summer
Joanna Lau Portland OR 2013 Summer
Michael McDonald Portland OR 2012 Summer
Lia Comerford Portland OR 2012 Summer
Chrisitne Poklemba Portland OR 2012 Summer