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Federal Public Defender - District of Oregon

The Office of the Federal Public Defender, District of Oregon, operates under authority of the Criminal Justice Act of 1964 (CJA), 18 U.S.C. § 3006A. It provides defense services in federal criminal cases and other covered matters to individuals who are financially unable to obtain adequate representation. A person’s eligibility for defender services is determined by the federal court. Defender organization attorneys may not engage in the private practice of law.



Eugene; Medford; Portland


United States

Practice Areas

  • Criminal

Practice Type

  • Public Interest

Past Externs

Hi’ilei Haru Portland OR 2020 Spring
Rachel Shinville Portland OR 2019 Spring
Cari Baermann Portland OR 2018 Summer
Alexis Baello Portland OR 2018 Spring
Taylor Snell Portland OR 2018 Spring
Lawrence(Lee) Pierce Portland OR 2018 Fall
Madeline Mahugh Portland OR 2017 Spring
Benjamin Pratt Portland OR 2017 Spring
Joseph Langerman Portland OR 2017 Fall
Tatiana Espinosa Portland OR 2016 Summer
Tatiano Espinosa Portland OR 2016 Fall
Michael Beilstein Portland OR 2015 Summer
Alexander Meggitt Portland OR 2015 Summer
Robert Parker Portland OR 2015 Summer
George MacDonald Portland OR 2015 Spring
Elizabeth Hilliard Portland OR 2015 Spring
Nicole Pritchard Portland OR 2015 Spring
Justin Withem Portland OR 2015 Spring
Robert Parker Portland OR 2015 Fall
Elizabeth Hilliard Portland OR 2014 Summer
Gillian Schroff Portland OR 2014 Summer
Jessice Schuh Portland OR 2014 Summer
Mark Kimbrell Portland OR 2014 Spring
Brett Allin Portland OR 2014 Spring
Leland Baxter-Neal Portland OR 2014 Spring
Patrick Cavanaugh Portland OR 2014 Spring
Alex Coberly Portland OR 2014 Spring
Christian Eickelberg Portland OR 2014 Spring
Briana Swift Portland OR 2014 Spring
Justin Withem Portland OR 2014 Fall
Briana Swift Portland OR 2014 Fall
Briana Swift Portland OR 2013 Summer
Emily Matasar Portland OR 2012 Summer
Steve Sherman Portland OR 2012 Summer
Stephan Sherman Portland OR 2012 Fall