Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. We amplify the power of our 3.8 million members and supporters to defend everyone’s right to a healthy world.



Oakland; Washington DC


United States

Practice Areas

  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Natural Resources

Practice Type

  • Public Interest

Past Externs

Elizabeth Fennie Oakland CA 2019 Spring
Hubert (Kai) Hiatt San Francisco CA 2015 Fall
Hannah Sharp San Francisco CA 2013 Fall
Lia Comerford San Diego CA 2011 Summer
Carrie Ward   CA 1997
Gilbert Hodgson   AK 1997
Jenny Morf   CA 1997
Kathleen Heimerl   MT 1997
Peter Allen   CA 1997
Scott Mortenson   CA 1996
Dan Cheyette   AK 1995