Vancouver City Attorney’s Office

The mission of the City Attorney’s Office to provide high quality legal services to the City in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner for the benefit of the citizens of Vancouver.

The Vancouver City Attorney’s Office has two divisions, Civil and Criminal Prosecution, and four major functions:

  • Civil and Criminal Advice: Provide relevant, timely legal advice to City staff, City Council and various boards and commissions for the development and implementation of City policies.
  • Civil and Criminal Legislative and Document Preparation: Prepare ordinances, resolutions and related documents to carry out City policies and provide legal advice and recommendations to the City Council to assist in their role as the legislative body. Prepare and provide legal review of contracts, agreements and other related documents needed to conduct City business.
  • Civil Litigation: Represent and appear on behalf of the City and any City officer or employee in all legal actions or proceedings which the City or any such officer, employee or volunteer, in or by reason of his/her official capacity is a party.
  • Criminal Prosecution/Diversion: Prosecute DUIs, crimes of violence, theft, livability and other crimes that occur in the city so that justice is served, crime is reduced and the residents’ sense of safety within the community is increased. The Criminal Prosecution division includes diversion programs which allow offenders with limited or no prior history to have certain criminal charges dismissed in exchange for compliance with certain conditions.





United States

Practice Areas

  • Criminal
  • Government

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  • Government

Past Externs

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