Oregon Department of Justice

Under the leadership of Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum, the Oregon Department of Justice serves state government and supports safe and healthy communities throughout Oregon by providing essential justice services.


Portland; Salem


United States

Practice Areas

  • General
  • Government

Practice Type

  • Government

Past Externs

Jessica Ramirez-Thorpe Portland OR 2020 Spring Child Advocacy Section
Peter Raptis Salem OR 2020 Spring Civil Litigation Section
Peter Raptis Portland OR 2019 Fall  
Taylor Stichauf Portland OR 2019 Fall  
Nicholas Greenfield Portland OR 2019 Summer Appellate
Aly Sneider Portland OR 2019 Spring  
Audrey Leonard Portland OR 2019 Spring  
Alyson Sneider Portland OR 2018 Fall  
Stephan Warner Salem OR 2018 Summer Tax & Finance Divison
Sean Kallery Salem OR 2017 Spring Criminal Justice Section
Sean Kallery Salem OR 2016 Fall Criminal Justice Section
Sean Kallery Salem OR 2016 Fall Criminal Justice Section
Nora Coon Salem OR 2016 Spring Appellate Division
Sarah Park Portland OR 2015 Spring Child Advocacy Section
Erika Hamilton Portland OR 2014 Spring  
Richard Fitzgerald Portland OR 2013 Fall Litigation Unit
Christine Poklemba Portland OR 2013 Spring Litigation Unit
Jessica Moreno Portland OR 2012 Summer Litigation Unit
Richard Deitcham Salem OR 2011 Fall  
Jacob Miller Portland OR 2010 Fall Environmental Crimes
Gail McEwen   OR 2001