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Hon. Darleen Ortega; Oregon Court of Appeals




United States

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  • Government

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  • Judicial

Past Externs

Diego Guiterrez Salem OR 2019 Fall
Trinity Madrid Portland OR 2019 Spring
Trinity Madrid Salem OR 2018 Fall
Vera Warren Salem OR 2017 Fall
Quincy Frazier Salem OR 2017 Summer
Martha Izenson Salem OR 2016 Fall
Kaston Gleason Salem OR 2016 Summer
Veronica Rodriguez Salem OR 2015 Fall
Rosam Cortes Salem OR 2015 Summer
Amanda Manjarrez Salem OR 2015 Spring
Cruz Turcott Salem OR 2014 Summer
Wilson Ta Salem OR 2014 Spring
Silvia Tanner Salem OR 2013 Summer
Sheeba Suhaskumar Salem OR 2013 Spring
Joseph Ureno Salem OR 2012 Spring