Radhika Shah

Radhika Shah

Year & program in school: 2L Full Time

Hometown, State, Country: Plano, Texas

Undergraduate/Graduate Schools: Oregon State University

Area of legal interest: Intellectual Property and Business Litigation


Brief Background:

I received my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Oceanography at Oregon State University. Before deciding to come to law school, I thought that I was going to be researching oceans for the rest of my life. While I grew up in Texas, I have fallen in love with all that Oregon has to offer and plan to be here long term.

What is your favorite class that you’ve taken at Lewis & Clark and why?

Copyright law, the professor was engaging and so knowledgeable. I felt so immersed into the subject that I would think about copyright infringement any time I adventured outside my apartment. I had so many questions and felt like I learned a ton.

Why did you choose to attend Lewis & Clark?

One of the best pieces of advice someone gave me during my law school search was to attend a school where I wanted to start my adult life. I chose Lewis & Clark mainly because of the location. I knew that building a network was the most important thing for my career and that I would be well situated after graduation.

What was the hardest thing about adjusting to law school?

I was never a natural academic. Growing up, it felt like I had to work 5x harder than my peers just to pass a class. Having an undergraduate degree in science was extremely difficult and didn’t play to my natural strengths, so I thought law school would be a nice change. However, it required an entire shift in mindset. That shift, and not comparing myself to my peers, have been the hardest things so far.

My top 10-ish list for things to do in Portland/Oregon:

-Bamboo Sushi for that one vegetarian roll I can eat

-Devil’s Punch Bowl off the coast

-Council Crest Park for a sunset

-Cafe Yumm – a bit mainstream but so good

-Bar Bar off Mississippi

-Kayaking/paddle boarding on Oswego Lake

-Belmont Fermentorium// Modern Times

-Rogue Brewery

-Berry Picking in Hood River Valley

-Portland’s Saturday Market


Radhika Shah, 2L Day
Plano, Texas
Oregon State University (Undergrad)
Intellectual Property and Business Litigation