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Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC)

Student Projects


NEDC’s student project groups focus on more specific environmental topics. The groups provide an opportunity for law students to get hands-on practical experience in environmental law, beginning as early as the first semester of their 1L year.  Check out our four student project groups:

Student Article: First Year Perspectives

Student Article: Unparalleled Opportunity


Ongoing Projects

In addition to the work completed by our student project groups, NEDC protects and conserves the natural resources of the Pacific Northwest by enforcing the Clean Water Act, engaging with government agencies, and tracking federal and state actions in the region.  Listed below is a snapshot of some of our current projects:

Energy Transport in the Pacific Northwest

Spokane Clean Water Project

The Spokane Clean Water Project is an effort to restore and protect the environmental integrity of the Spokane River. The project draws on education, awareness, improved practices, and enforcement to support the Spokane community in ensuring environmental protection of this major natural resource.

CWA Dredge and Fill Permits

Columbia River Crossing

Rain Ops

NEDC’s seminars on operations, obligations, and opportunities related to stormwater controls and the Clean Water Act.  View some of the presentations from the seminar held in Spokane, Washington on August 7, 2013: