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Crown Point and The Columbia River Gorge. Photo Courtesy of Scott Pulver

New Publication: Laws Governing Recreational Access to Waters of the Columbia Basin: A Survey and Analysis, by Stephen D. Osborne, Jennifer Randle & Michael Gambrell is now on line.

Water Project News

The Water Project is currently inactive. Most studies can still be downloaded from the “Publications” page. Studies not available for download can be ordered by contacting the e-mail or phone # below.

Michael C. Blumm’s new book, Sacrificing the Salmon: A Legal and Policy History of the Decline of Columbia Basin Salmon, is now available at

Publications:Could a River Run Through It? A Review of the Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project by Steven Wise is now on-line.

Big River News, Volume 7:3 Summer 2001 is now on-line.

Publications:Reversing the Winters Doctrine?: Denying Reserved Water Rights For Idaho Wilderness and Its Implications by Project co-director Michael C. Blumm is now on-line.

The Columbia River and its watershed are an immensely rich ecosystem, supplying many human demands. They are also environmental and cultural treasures for Indian Tribes, the region, and the nation. The Northwest has begun to face the reality that its water resources are both limited and imperiled. The Columbia River Basin’s future as a healthy and productive community depends on the region’s ability to sustain the economic, environmental, and cultural values.

The Northwest Water Law & Policy Project was established in 1994 as a project of the Natural Resources Law Institute at the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College. It is a grant funded, research and education center focusing on water law and policy issues in the Columbia River Basin. The goal of the Water Project is to stimulate regional efforts to develop sustainable water policy and promote changes in the way the Northwest manages and uses its water resources. The Water Project seeks to promote regional dialogue by (1) conducting and disseminating research in key areas of water law and policy through published research studies; (2) publicizing water law reform efforts and furnishing accurate news and analysis through our quarterly newsletter, Big River News; (3) sponsoring conferences on water-related issues in the Columbia River Basin; and (4) developing educational workshops throughout the region.


Professor Michael Blumm: An expert on the Columbia River system, who has written widely on water law, environmental law, and the complex laws regulating anadromous fish.

Professor Janet Neuman: Professor of Law at Lewis & Clark law school, with an extensive background in water law issues. Professor Neuman was a member of President Clinton’s Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission.

The Northwest Water Law & Policy Project
10015 SW Terwilliger Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97219-7799

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