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Individual Research

General rules applicable to all individual research and tutorial experiences:

a. If the supervising faculty member is an adjunct professor, the project must receive the prior approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

b. A student may register for no more than a total of two projects under this rule (whether individual research or tutorial experience) in a single semester.

c. Unless the Dean otherwise approves, a student may not count towards meeting the requirements for graduation more than eight hours of credit for a combination of individual research and tutorial experience. The Dean’s approval will be granted only under extraordinary circumstances.

Individual Research

A student may obtain academic credit for an individual research project subject to the following further rules:

a. Individual research credit may be granted only for a significant research, analytical or drafting paper of a kind and quality that would satisfy the “A” writing requirement or the Capstone Writing Requirement. However, unless the paper is actually to be used to satisfy the “A” writing requirement or the Capstone Writing Requirement, it need not involve a mandatory rewrite.

b. The individual research project must be approved in advance in writing by the full-time or adjunct faculty member who is responsible for supervising and grading it.

c. The individual research paper must be graded. It cannot be undertaken for pass/fail or ungraded credit.

d. An individual research paper may not be for more than two credits unless a petition for additional credit is approved by the Dean.

e. The amount of credit to be awarded for an individual research paper is to be based on standards set by the supervising faculty member. The determination of such standards are within the discretion of the faculty member, and will take into account such factors as the size of the paper, the anticipated number of hours to be spent on it, and the complexity of its topic.

With professor permission, meets WIE or Capstone writing requirement