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Protecting Wildlife & Animals in India: Challenges & Opportunities

Date: 12:15pm - 1:30pm PDT September 17, 2012 Location: Room #1

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    Photo courtesy of Wildlife SOS

Room #1

Some of India’s most charismatic species now face extinction. People in India desperate to make a living turn to exploiting captive animals for profit. What is being done to remedy these complex problems?

India harbors a stunning array of biodiversity, including some of the last populations of tigers and Asian elephants. Unfortunately, problems typical of developing countries threaten the future of many species, as well as consign many individual animals to difficult or even cruel existences in captivity. Poaching and habitat destruction makes extinction of many species a serious possibility in the near future. Additionally, individual animals are kept in poor conditions and exploited for economic gain by people who themselves are struggling to make a living. 

imageGeeta Seshamani and Kartick Satyanarayan are the co-founders of Wildlife SOS, an organization based in India working to protect wildlife and rescue captive animals. Among other work, they assist the Indian government in apprehending and prosecuting poachers, and rescue captive animals ranging from sloth bears to elephants.

Geeta and Kartick will discuss their work to protect both wild and captive animals in India, while assisting people who exploit animals transition to more sustainable ways of making a living.



About Wildlife SOS
Wildlife SOS is India’s most successful animal rescue organization. Rescuing the “Dancing” Bears of India, snakes, leopards, and elephants. Visit the Wildlife SOS website to find out more. View Kartick’s TED Talk:  How We Rescued the “Dancing” Bears.

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Questions? Please contact Professor Dan Rohlf at or (503) 768-6707.
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