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Law Admissions

Admissions Question: August 6

August 06, 2017

Q. Do you require that students have laptops and if so, does the school have a specific kind that students must use?

A: We recommend that every student have his or her own laptop computer. While we do have a computer lab that’s available to students, most students find a laptop is an essential resource. The campus is also completely wireless, making it easy to study with your laptop in the library, student lounge, outdoor amphitheater on campus, etc. 

Currently, our students are split 50-50 between Mac and PC. However, regardless of which type you bring, Mac or PC, please make sure it isn’t too old, that it’s in good working order (no viruses or spyware), and has the latest updates. We support Windows 7/8/10 for PC’s.  For Macs, please have the latest OS X 10.9 installed. OS X 10.9 and 10.10 are OK too but please consider upgrading to 10.11. 

Also, the law school uses a computer-based exam system. The vendor we use is ExamSoft. Most laptops less than five years old will meet the minimum system requirements. We provide ExamSoft free of charge to all our law students.