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International Law

Lexie Zirschky

October 17, 2012

2012 Extern at Amarchand Mangaldas

“Having lived in India before, I was thrilled to discover the Lewis & Clark India Externship Program. Even before 1L orientation, I knew that I had to take advantage of this amazing opportunity not only to travel and gain cultural experience, but to gain practical legal experience in one of the fastest-growing free market economies in the world.”

Arriving in Delhi:

“From the moment I arrived in Delhi I was confronted with the contradictions, sights, smells, colors, and people that define India. Women in beautiful saris walking amongst teenagers in jeans, cows wandering in front of advertisements for the new iPad, and open-air spice markets within blocks of pizza parlors were just some of the delightful juxtapositions that I witnessed on a daily basis. In Delhi, globalization is not simply a buzzword or an issue for debate—it is truly a way of life.”

The Externship Experience:

“My externship was with one of the Mergers & Acquisitions teams at Amarchand Mangaldas, the largest law firm in India. My assignments exposed me to more areas of law than I can count; one week I would be working on an international finance issue or researching an SEC regulation and the next week I would be brushing up on Indian environmental law to prepare a memo. The externship provided me with the opportunity to explore not only different areas of law but to compare and contrast Indian and international law with U.S. law. Amarchand is not unlike any large U.S. corporate law firm; there was always work to be done and deadlines that needed to be met. India uses a common law system, and many issues are governed by a complex mix of statutory, administrative, and case law.  Every day I saw my legal research and writing skills improving as I learned to navigate a new legal structure. The work was always demanding, but always rewarding as well. Looking forward, I have no doubt that the skills I developed will be transferable to the U.S. and the international legal market.”

Traveling in India:

“When not in the office, I spent much of my time wandering through the streets of Delhi or traveling to cities around India. My coworkers proved to be amazing travel guides, and they were always happy to stop what they were doing to recommend a train itinerary or a hotel. I was able to see the desert, visit the Taj Mahal, ride a camel and an elephant, explore old forts, hike through the mountains, and taste amazing traditional dishes from across the country. Every weekend was a new adventure!”

Final Advice:

“To anyone considering the India Externship Program I have just one piece of advice: do it!”

Lexie is happy to talk to prospective externs. Please contact to be put in touch with her!


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