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International Law


An Externship is an opportunity for students to earn academic credit by working under the guidance of a practicing attorney at a carefully selected placement. Students can do an externship anywhere in the world, though many externships based in the United States may provide valuable experience in international law.

To learn more about the requirements of doing any type of externship, please visit the Externship Program webpage.

Individually Designed Placements:

Students can independently arrange externships with individual firms or organizations. For those interested in externships or work with inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, the International Law Program has produced a detailed list of possibilities: International Law Career Opportunities: International Law, International Human Rights, and International Criminal Law. Many IGOs and NGOs operate out of the Netherlands and are listed in the Guide to International Organizations in The Hague.

Arranged Placements:

The law school has arranged a number of Summer 2015 placements in India and China. Information on these opportunities can be found, as of November 1, 2014, in the Career & Professional Development Center (CPDC) job posting system.  A password is required to access the CPDC postings; LC Law students, please email for the password.  Applications are due on January 4, 2015.

India: There are options for students interested in business, litigation, transactional, public interest, human rights, and environmental practice. To learn more, visit the India Externships site.

Asia: There are exclusive placements in Asia, particularly for students interested in law firm experience. Past placements include firms in both Beijing and Shanghai, China. These externships are designed to round out a summer that begins with studying in Beijing through a partner program at Peking University. To learn more, visit the Studying in China site.