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My judicial externship was the highlight of my law school career.  I grew as a writer, I made lasting connections with inspiring advocates, and I contributed to something that really matters.  Kari Reitan ’14


Fall 2015 Externships: Friday, August 14, 2015

Spring 2016 Externships:  Sunday, January 3, 2016

Summer 2016 Externships:  Sunday, May 22, 2016



Lewis & Clark Law School offers students the opportunity to earn academic credits for a carefully supervised, well-crafted work experience through the Externship Program.  The expectation is that students will be given a meaningful work experience, with a focus on student learning, in a field of law or work that enhances and builds on their classroom experience.

The educational objectives of the extenship program are to:

a)  learn an area of substantive law or develop substantive expertise beyond the level offered in courses at the Law School;

b)  develop practical lawyering skills, including research, writing and analytical problem solving, in context; and

c)   build a direct understanding of a lawyer’s professional responsibility.


While the Law School’s Career & Professional Development Center advertises numerous externship opportunities, students are also encouraged to develop their own externship placements.  Ideally, the placements are with public interest organizations, governmental agencies, courts, or in corporate settings.  Under special circumstances, private law firm placements may be approved. 

In all cases, an extern must be supervised by an attorney (or the equivalent) authorized to practice law in the jurisdiction in which the externship will be done.

We maintain a comprehensive list of all the Externship placements to date, which is a good place to start.  In addition, some employers post Externship positions and you can find those in our job postings.  We have also assembled a list of some possible placements from a variety of sources. 

During the past several years, the Global Law Program has developed Externship opportunities in China and India, although students interested in an International Externship are in no way limited to those countries.


Students elect between 10 Models and, based on the Model selected, will be required to work a minimum number of hours in the Externship placement.  Please refer to the Externship Program Guide for an overview of the Models.


Each Externship Model has specific requirements, please refer to Externship Program Guide to review them.  Please note:  Transfer students must complete two (2) semesters of residency at Lewis & Clark Law School before commencing an externship placement.  

For more information or to ask specific questions, please contact Libby Davis, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, who oversees the Externship Program, at or (503) 768-6610.



Students considering an externship must:

(1) Review the Externship Program Guide and consider when they are interested in externing and what the requirements are.

(2) Schedule an appointment with Libby Davis or a CPDC advisor by emailing or calling (503) 768-6608.

(3) Apply for and secure a placement.

(4)  Complete the required paperwork needed to gain approval to extern (access to the paperwork will be provided by Associate Dean Libby Davis;

(5)  International Students:  refer to International Students & Scholars Employment Opportunities webpage.

(6) Attend the mandatory pre-class session:

  • Spring 2016  - Monday, January 11, 2016, 7:30-8:30 am; Room 8 (note:  If you are externing out of the Portland area, you can make arrangements to view the class through simultaneous webcast)


Employers interested in securing a Lewis & Clark Law School extern should contact the Career & Professional Development Center, or (503) 768-6608

U.S. Dept. of Labor Wage & Hour Fact Sheet

Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industry Interns & Trainee FAQs

Important Documents

For Students:
  • Access to documents required to apply for approval of an externship placement should be requested by email to Associate Dean Libby Davis,
For Employers/On-Site Mentors:
For Faculty Advisors: