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Charis Wolfe

December 16, 2013

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    Charis Wolfe

Before law school:

Right before law school began I was actually in India. I was leading a team of undergraduate students on a short-term trip with an educational focus. Before that I was finishing up my undergraduate degree in biology at a smaller private university outside of Los Angeles, California. Biology may seem like a strange pre-law major, but I would love to be working with non-profits doing public health or human rights advocacy internationally. 

Favorite class so far:

Constitutional Law was my favorite class this term because it was the most “big-picture” conceptually. I have found it fascinating and honestly surprising how this document written hundreds of years ago still shapes our legal system in new and profound ways today; it has remained relevant and applicable to a society that is in a constant state of change.

Why law school?

As cheesy as this may sound, I really want to “change the world”. However, I know people who chose law school for almost any other reason you can think of. They wanted to work for social change, didn’t know what else to, wanted to help save the environment, or wanted to pursue a career they believed would lead to financial security and be fun. Really there is no one right “reason” to chose law school, but mine truly is to help make the world a better place and I think this degree with help me in my pursuit of that. 

Advice for students making their final law school choices:

This is your choice. Remember that. Look into all your options, and do the research to see which school really is right for you. This was the best advice I got when I began my search and applied to 11, yes 11, law schools. Law school isn’t easy, and you want to make sure that you know you are in the right place when the things get tough.

The hardest thing about adjusting to law school?

I think for some reason I expected law school to be a bit more like undergrad. You study, take a test, have a lull of a week or two with not a whole going on, and then you repeat. Law school isn’t like that – you have a lot to do every day. It really is a bit like living in a bubble. I really don’t know how to explain it better than that. It’s hard to explain before you experience it, but hey, at least you have classmates to be in the bubble with you.

Top 10-ish list about the campus or Portland/Oregon

1. So much good food! Some of my favorites are Salt & Straw (Ice Cream), Henry’s Tavern on 12th, and Urban Fondue on Glisan St.

2. Clean air – coming back from LA, you really can’t help but notice the difference.

3. It’s gorgeous here – truly – there is no where more beautiful than Oregon in the summer time. 

4. The law campus is gorgeous too; surrounded by Tyron Creek Park it’s basically in a forest, but not far from downtown.

5. Portland has an incredible music scene – tons of fun little bars with up & coming artists and a lot of the big, famous acts come through too.

6. Our city slogan is “keep Portland weird” – this may sound a bit odd, and it is, but Portland’s quirkiness is part of what makes it fun.

7. No sales tax!

8. Sauvie Island – The Pumpkin Patch!  (see my picture)

9. Zoo Lights at Christmas.

10. For the most part, Portlanders are a pretty nice lot (though I am one, so I’m a ‘lil biased). =)

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