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NALSA Moot Court Competition

Moot Court

21st Annual National NALSA Moot Court Competition


Best Team

  1. Catherine Hall & Caycie K. Gusman (Team 10 from Hawaii)
  2. Jenny Patten & Natasha Bronn (Team 9 from Columbia)
  3. Veronica Newcomer & Rachel Kowarski (Team 33 from William Mitchell)

Highest Brief Score

  1. Zachary Dilonno & Sommerset Wong (Team 39 from Hawaii)
  2. Andrew Sangster & Jacob Wolf (Team 17 from Columbia)
  3. Anthony Franken & Steven Iverson (Team 66  from University of South Dakota) 

Best Oral Advocate

  1. Catherine Hall (Hawaii)
  2. Ryan McCarthy (William Mitchell)
  3. Rachel Kowarski (William Mitchell)


“Sweet 16”



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