1998: Animals in the Global Marketplace: Science, Society & Industry

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The conference will focus on the place of domestic animals and wildlife in commerce, research, and the law as we approach the new millennium.

Feeding the World 
Scott Beckstead, Attorney 
Erik Marcus, Author, “Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating” 

A Place for Animals in Society 
Pamela Frasch, Director of the Anti-Cruelty Division of the Animal Legal Defense Fund 
Dennis Steinman, Attorney specializing in the American with Disabilities Act 
Susan Mentley, Operations Director, Oregon Humane Society 
Claudia Cullison, Attorney 

Animals in Rearch and Technology 
Arthur LaFrance, Professor at Lewis & Clark Law School 
Stu Sugarman, Attorney 
Paul Loney, Attorney 

Efforts to Minimize the Industry Impact on Wildife 
Chris Wold, Professor at Lewis & Clark Law School 
Sybil Ackerman, National Wildlife Federation 
Scott Hongren, Attorney 

Keynote: Joyce Tischler, Why Animals Should Have Legal Rights