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  • A Leader in Animal Law

    At Lewis & Clark, students have the opportunity to tailor an animal law curriculum specific to their interests and career aspirations—whether they want to conduct high-level policy work, practice law in a private firm, teach, or work for a nonprofit organization or government agency.
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  • Why animal law?

    Because animals matter. Animals are integral to every aspect of human society, whether they are recognized for their intrinsic worth, their role as companions, or the value they bring to the environment and the world economy.

    Because animal law attorneys can change the world. Attorneys interested in animal law have numerous opportunities to incorporate the field into their own practices. State, federal, local, and international laws all contain provisions regulating or impacting animals.

    Because animal law is an exciting and rapidly expanding field of law. Animal law overlaps with many traditional areas of the law such as torts, criminal, wills & trusts, constitutional, and property law. Animal law is rooted in the practical application of statutes, regulations, and case law, but the field also explores legal theory, philosophy, and jurisprudence. In animal law we ask fundamental questions about the nature of a legal right or interest, how laws create or entrench power imbalances, and how those imbalances impact animals.